October 18, 2013

Seven Quick Takes

1 - Yes, more The Head and the Heart. Why?

2 - Because my awesome friend Jen sent me their new cd because she's awesome.
I'm so happy.

In love.

Ahhh! However nice it is to just download a song (which is what I did with their other albums) it's so. great. having the actual cd. Open it, read the liner notes, pull out the lyric book, it's an experience really.

Oh Lord, yes. Let's be still. These are my kind of people.

Oh my gosh! The cd is in a sleeve! Like a record! Seriously! I love this!

Kendra, you tell your best friend to tell her brother that I LOVE his band. And tell her to tell him that I am so glad they don't swear in their music. Really. It's so nice to have thoughtful, well-crafted lyrics that don't have to be edited, to have a cd I can listen to with my little kids. 

Not that it will matter to her or him that some stay-at-home, Catholic, Midwestern mommy blogger loves The Head and The Heart. But maybe it will be be nice to hear.

3 - Today I made a batch of cookie dough. I baked one cookie sheet of it so I could make up a plate as a birthday gift. I didn't have time to bake the rest since I had to leave to get L from school so I put it into a container to take to my parents' home to bake and share since we were spending the evening there. I remember carrying the container out to the car along with the plate of cookies, Resa, her bottle, a paci, and my earrings. I remember setting the container on top of the van to open the door. I remember putting the paci and earrings on the front seat, buckling in T and giving her the bottle.

I have no idea what I did with the container of cookie dough. I cannot find it in the car and I drove slowing through town and around every bend on the country roads between our home and L's school. The kids and I didn't spot it in any ditches.

So if anyone finds a container of chocolate chip cookie dough on some country road - or even on the streets in town - please let me know. It's probably mine.

4 - My friend Laura is crazy 'bout 2 things: cats and quilts. Gosh that sounds kinda lame but she's like a hipster, Chicago-living, stay at home momma with lots of tats and so when she does or likes it it's cool. Anyways, she has an awesome quilts Pinterest board. I love seeing her new pins and I want every fourth quilt she pins. These are not your grandma's quilts either, people. Anyways, check out her board and follow along for all kinds of crazy, gorgeous blankets.

5 - Looking for some ideas on celebrating All Hallow's Eve? Check out my post. And if you have any great ideas or blog posts on the same topic please be sure to leave them in the combox!

6 - Related to #5. Watching the videos of myself I realized something: I can't have Travis film me. I felt so much more at ease when it was just me in the nursery with the camera propped up on the play grocery store. Before I filmed with Travis I had a 4 minute giggle-fest because I felt so nervous. I can definitely tell that I'm more stiff in the Halloween video than in the Intro one, but maybe I'm lucky and it just comes off as more professional.

Buuuuuut - probably not.

7 - Amen.


  1. One time my husband put his badge/license for work on tip of a vehicle and took off. He spent a long time looking for it (he works at a casino so is not even supposed to be on the property without it). He never did find it and had to go in early to process for a new one. But it's crazy how we sometimes put stuff up there and totally forget about it.

    I wonder if someone baked up those cookies and ate them.

  2. #7 - When is it coming out? I saw on PBS a show called The Return of Sherlock, and I got so excited then realized it was a series rerun from a long time ago. Ugh.

  3. Hi! I have never commented before, but I just had to add my story. I was talking on my house phone while buckling kids into the car once in the middle of winter, I finished the conversation and of course put the phone on top of the car to finish with the kids..and then drove away. The ground was completely covered with fresh snow, so when I realized what I had done I thought for sure it would be sitting somewhere obvious, but we looked in vain for the stupid thing until spring and never found it! Someone must have picked it up, but what good is a cordless phone without a base??!! As you can see I have totally gotten over it :) love your blog , by the way!

  4. Oh, boy. The Head and the Heart - Can't. Stop. Listening. Thanks for sharing that with us....good music is good for the soul.

  5. Thank you for loving my girl and my boy. love, Blythe and Kenny's ma