December 10, 2013

oh I don't even know

Let's start off with pictures of my now five month old son. Because we can. And he's cute.

We're counting down to Christmas and this sign is actually just stressing me out. But it cost $1 at Target and it makes my kids happy so we'll still consider it a win. 

Leggings - I still don't know if I should be wearing them, but they're just so comfortable and I probably won't look good in anything until I lose a good 50lbs that I just don't really even care. (Okay, that's a total lie. I do care but I'm trying to not care so I don't spiral.)

Advent calendar - we've done about 1/3 of them so far but they sure look pretty.

I kinda burned dinner but I'm gonna say it's caramelized and call it a win. Ben however isn't buying it. He tried a bit and said it wasn't good. "The flavor is so BAD."

Recently I discovered that all those crock pot meals of mine can actually be cooked in a pot on a stove and it can actually still be pretty easy and in some cases even yummier. That being said, I am in no way knocking crock pots.

My new little treat is pomegranate seeds. I keep a container of them in the fridge and pretty much every time I open it up I grab a handful.

So does she.

The thief.

Want to hear one more thing about food? Sure ya do! Okay. Clementines are in season and they are so. flippin. good! Now in the past I have eaten clementines like a banshee when I was pregnant but that's not the case now. In case anyone is keeping track I am unpregnant right now. The neat thing is that all the kids are eating them too. Everyone grabs one, I start the peeling, they take over, Resa has juice running down her chin, JF keeps asking for more, and I find piles like this all over the house.
But you know what? I don't care! I love it!

I'm sorry. That's wasn't nice to leave you with that ear worm. Here's something better.


  1. Recently started reading your blog and enjoying that you keep it real (esp. on NFP related things!!! I'm also doing the whole postpartum TTA with the Marquette monitor for the first time). Love this post and also love leggings and clementines (not so much on the pomegranate seeds but that's okay). Keep up the good work!

  2. You look adorable in the leggings. Provided your shirt covers your behind, leggings are a win for everyone.

  3. I love that we (being moms of many) can wear leggings and tunics, and be so comfortable and still fashionable! It's my pregnancy go-to outfit this time around (when I'm not at work). And yeah, we have been buying cuties out the wazoo, they are DELICIOUS! The kids can peel them, so we pack them for lunch, and there's no seeds so Mama's happy!

  4. I'm going to buy leggings, That is how cute you look in them.

  5. My goodness, your kids are adorable! ...and btw, you looks great in leggings. You have always had really great legs, Bonnie (and I have always been jealous). Show them off! Xoxo

  6. All I ever want to wear is my one pair of leggings. You look great in leggings. Rock it, girl.

  7. Your baby boy is SO cute, Bonnie! Also, I *love* pomegranate seeds! Yum, what a treat. :)