January 26, 2014

Oh it's all just so Sheenazing!

Downton! Oh it was so good. But you know what was better?

Sherlock!  Travis and I cracked up through most of it. I looooved when John and Sherlock were playing the "Who am I?" game with the names on their foreheads. So funny. I was honestly a little bit disappointed in last week's episode - even though it was good, maybe my expectations were too high? - but this week's made up for it and then some.

I am Sher locked.

Finally, Monday is the last day to vote for the Sheenazing Awards. Go vote for your favorite bloggers and maybe find a couple new blogs to add to your list.

Winners will be announced Wednesday.


  1. I haven't started Downton yet, but I am so Sherlocked, I actually wrote a post titled 10 Reasons You Should Watch BBC's Sherlock. Hi, I'm Christie, and I think I have a problem. . . :P

  2. We might have to start DVRing Sherlock… I just cannot get into Downton this season : (

  3. I'm Sher-locked too! Just discovered the show this year. It is so unique and quirky. I'm a Downton fan too. So glad Mr. Bates found about Anna being hurt. That show is so well written. Just found your blog through the Sheen award. Never heard of it. I'm a practicing Catholic, but don't write solely about that. In fact, I won a short story contest on a Mormon blog, and they asked to be post on their blog twice a month! I agreed, b/c I think most faiths have more in common that not. I'm a new follower here, b/c I love finding other believers in the blogosphere. Come visit me, if you'd like. :-)