February 13, 2014

7QT: love song playlist, Valentine's Day, and a double date with Matt and Ben

1 - Happy Valentine's Day! My gift to you is a love song playlist.  It's a little all over the place: the Old 97's, Ricky Nelson, Sara Groves, The Civil Wars, just to name a few. I hope you like it.

2 - I am reading The Help right now and I can barely put it down. I've even seen the movie and I am still completely engaged. I know I'm waaaaay behind the curve on this, but if you haven't read it yet either, get a copy. It's wonderful.

3 - My kids have requested heart-shaped waffles for breakfast today. Alas we do not have a waffle maker that can do that trick so we'll all just have to settle for pancakes. For supper. Because I do not have time to make pancakes in the morning. Probably. I'm writing this Thursday night so we can still see what the morning brings.

4 - A lot of kind people have been asking how JF is doing, and I'm really happy to say that he's doing really super well. We don't know why the seizure happened and he hasn't had one since, praise God. We'll continue to monitor him and hope for the best.

5 - Sooooooo, The Edel Gathering. A couple things about it:
- I'm going and I'm so excited. And terrified. Both. At the same time.
- I was caught up in how I was going to "know" or even know so many of the women attending and then I realized that I actually won't know most people. I realize that is obvious, but I just overlooked it.
- I'm hoping that there will be name tags and they will say something like
Bonnie Engstrom
A Knotted Life
(aka Sheenazing Award and miracle baby lady) 

6 - This is what happens every day when JF gets off the bus. Resa greets him at the door and helps him take off his mittens, hat, backpack, coat, and even shoes. She is so happy to have him home and as she pulls off each item she says, "Dare yah go!" So cute!

7 - Watch this video and then enter to win a double date with Ben and Matt. How cool would that be?!


  1. Love your name tag idea/hope! My would be:

    Joanne Kibbe
    Our ABC Life
    (aka The Deacon's Wife)

  2. Kendra Tierney
    Catholic All Year
    smart comma zombies

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Molly Walter
    Molly Makes Do
    Supreme Ruler of ALL THE PINTEREST!


    1. and Crafter of Sorrows ;) (thought of that on the ride to work)

  5. Colleen Martin
    Martin Family moments
    The One with All the Kids

    (but I'm sure most women in attendance could use that last line!)

    I wish I could go, but it's just not in the budget, I'll have a newborn, I'd much rather be at the beach on Cape Cod than in Texas in July, and I have too much anxiety to fly on a plane!

  6. How about
    Becky Duncan
    I'm nobody
    Who are you?

  7. Kaitlin Alfermann
    More Like Mary
    not supossed to be blogging right now

  8. Danielle Kuboushek
    Blissful Thinking
    Wannabe blogger

    So awesome you're going. I'm sitting here wishing I was and praying it works for our family in 2015 :)
    We're going to listen to your playlist over our take-out dinner, so thanks for that!! ;)

  9. Francine Weber
    Bella Vita Dolce
    My kids are probably neglected while I blog

    Wish I was going!! I love the Matt and Ben (or is it Ben and Matt?) video.

  10. Love your name tag idea. Mine would say

    Amelia Bentrup
    One Catholic Mama
    Crazy, crunchy, chocaholic, chess lady.

    Wish I was going...it's beyond our budget and I wouldn't feel comfortable leaving my (likely still nursing) 1-year old for an entire weekend (see told ya I was crazy).