February 7, 2014

7QT: Riptide, Sheen relic, window clings and cake

1 - Totally weird video. Don't let your kids watch it until you've watched it and you know you're okay with it. The song though, the song is so great.

2 - I've been checking out a lot of the blogs that were nominated for the Sheenazing Awards and I was delighted when I saw a related post at The Breadbox Letters. Nancy writes that because the awards were named for Sheen she began to dig into his works and writings a bit. Part of the reason I host the awards is to raise awareness of Venerable Fulton Sheen, his holiness and love of God, and his cause for canonization. The fact that Nancy looked into Sheen and was moved by his writings because of my simple little awards - that's just so great. Praise God.

3 - Speaking of Sheen! Check out what one of my blog readers sent me recently:

Look at that, friends! A second class relic! Boom!

Travis and I had *just* been discussing how we wish we had something of Sheen's to pass on to JF one day and literally the next day I got an email from a kind woman named Sharon offering to mail me a book she had that was autographed by Sheen. Love it!

PS - I have no idea what it says...

4 - Awhile ago I asked some questions about make up and I got some really wonderful answers. I also was told repeatedly to NOT USE BAR SOAP ON MY FACE!!! I've been doing a new regimen but I still have a question:

BB Cream wearers, do you put on sunscreen first? Is there a magical BB Cream with sunscreen in it?

5 - Here is an image of two things I love:
window clings and my butterfly bush.

The butterfly bush. One of the best decisions about this house I ever made was planing that bush by the window. Late spring, summer, and early fall it is covered in bright purple flowers and attracts butterflies and hummingbirds. Late fall, winter, and early spring it is bare but often filled with sparrows, cardinals, and even other birds. As I sit on my sofa I can watch them all and it is awesome.

I know the window cling thing is lame but they are so dang bright and cheery and festive. We've got them for Valentine's Day, 4th of July, and Christmas. I'd like to get some for Easter because I'm adorable like that.

6 - The school carnival was a couple of Saturdays ago. I signed up to make a cake for the cake walk and decided on a 4 layer yellow cake with chocolate buttercream frosting, all made from scratch. Here's hoping whoever ended up with it thought it was good!

Our kitchen is the coldest room in the house in the winter and by the time I was frosting the outside of the cake my buttercream frosting had firmed up so much I could barely spread it.
True story.

7 - So it turns out that I'm going to be able to attend the Edel Gathering in Austen this summer. A HUGE thank you to Jen and Hallie for planning it! Really. I am so pumped. I'll admit that when I saw the list of everyone who is going to be a part of the day I immediately got a stomach ache and felt anxiety over how beautiful and smart and funny and cool everyone is. Eek!

But then I decided to just get over it. I'm going and I'm going to have a blast. Because you know what, people are NICE and it's going to be FUN!


  1. SQEEEE. I'm so happy you're coming, Bonnie. We are going to have an absolute blast.

  2. To the Rev. John I. Morris with the cordial homage of Yours Eternally in Christ Fulton J. Sheen

    1. Yes, the F is hard to read, but that makes more sense.

    2. I definitely think it looks like "fraternally". That was the only word I was pretty sure I could read! :)

  3. Oh, I really want to go to the Edel gathering.....must think, must think. Must pray, must pray. Can I do that with a one month old???

    1. And here I am thinking I can't do it with a three month old! You are brave!!! Super want to go too! Ha! Who doesn't?!

  4. So excited for Edel! I hope I can go...nothing cool like that ever happens within a few hours of me and so I'd be silly not to go...right?

    Great song, and that cake looks so yummy :)

  5. I knew someone would be able to figure out what it said! How cool that you mentioned you wanted something to pass on to your son and you got it!

  6. I am going to try like crazy to get a ticket to go to the Edel Gathering! So excited.

  7. i'm sure there are probably people who are intimidated by how awesome and funny and cool YOU are. ;)

  8. Bonnie, I think the window clings are adorable. If you can't have some girly cute fun with Valentine's Day decorations in your own house... well, then, I dont know what but it can't be good ;)

  9. I thought it was "The Sundial Homage." I think I like that better. (Who says it has to make sense?)

  10. I'm fully planning on sidling up to you in Texas and mouth breathing while asking you all about your extensive musical awesomeness. And trying not to pass out.

  11. That cake looks so sososossoossosoo good. We had the coolest skeleton gel clings for All Souls Day - except my daughter dismembered them, haha!
    The hearts are so cheery! I need some! Yes, need. ;-) I'm one of those geeky, crazy about Valentine's Day people.
    And that book is so cool. What an incredible gift!

  12. Fulton Sheen's birthplace is about 45 miles south of where I grew up (El Paso, IL) and then graduated from Spaulding HS in Peoria, IL. As a child, I never thought much about it, especially when we were attending Spaulding for some basketball tournament in our diocese. I wish I knew and understood then what I know now!

    I heard about the gathering in Austen, and where there are going to be some mighty fine womenfolk there :) I am going to meet up with a blog friend in real life in Florida. I get a mommy get away every year and well, Austin is almost too close to home :) I need to break through the borders to feel the freedom! LOL I'm sure the Austen gathering is fixing to be great one!

    We love gel clings in our house. So much better than the vinyl ones, until they get all gooey from the sun hitting them. But, it hasn't stopped us from putting them up on the windows :)

    Have a blessed Sunday!

  13. Window clings are irreplaceable - both to my children at home and my school kids too. I will always love them.
    It's ok to be simple and a little quirky and childlike :)

    Your cake looks like the kind my Grandma used to make (they were scrumptious)

    No need for stomach aches - just go, enjoy the fine company, and be your own beautiful self. Peace in all things :)
    My sisters and I are seeing if we can go too - it sounds like such a fun getaway.

    I join you in your admiration and love for Fulton Sheen - he was a great priest and man and will be a great saint.
    God Bless.

  14. Oh man, that book signed by Fulton Sheen is so cool. I'm jealous. I love him.

    Your cake looks great, btw.

  15. What an incredible gift! And the title; prophetic. When we pray, it should be with peace of soul.

  16. Delicious looking cake, Bonnie! Let us know how the book is :-).
    Quick question! I just met Katie Bogner the other day, and thought what a small world that she knows you! Will you be attending the Behold Conference this year:)? It will be my second time attending, but first time helping out, SO excited :-D!

  17. Peace of Soul is an awesome book - it's one of my favorites by Ven. Fulton Sheen. And a signed copy? Wow, you have a sweet friend!

    We are all for window clings here. Unfortunately so is our cat :) Every time we put them up she removes them all within a few days! For Christmas I got my daughter some window markers instead and these worked out great. They really do clean right up.