February 5, 2014

Simcha gets it right again

You guys! You really should go read Simcha's article "Bathwater Saints". It starts off like it'll be another post on abortion but it's not. There are so, so many good parts to it, and I don't mean good in that she was writing something I agreed with and could fist pump my way through. I mean good in that I read it and realized that I have been wrong, I have missed the point, I have misunderstood, and I need to do better. Anyone wanting to live a virtuous life should read this. Simcha's perspective is really good.

Here's a little glimpse:
Let’s think about St. Gianna Molla. A good many people believe that this woman’s greatness came in her eager, joyful acceptance of death in order to save her baby. Not so. It is true that she was willing to accept the risk of death when she refused the therapeutic hysterectomy that would have killed her unborn child. And she did end up giving her life so that her baby could live. But the whole time, she prayed and hoped and longed to live. She wasn’t devoted to being pro-life: she was devoted to her baby. And she wanted to live, so that she could be with her baby and her husband and the rest of her beloved children. She was pro-life: she hoped for life in abundance, including her own.

Go read the rest of it here.

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  1. When you say something on is good, I believe you and this time (as usual!) You did not fail. That post is fabulous and in its simplicity teaches so much! Thanks for linking it!

  2. Your openness and humility is always, always so inspiring Bonnie! Simcha's piece is fantastic, but so is this honest endorsement!

  3. I can relate better to saints who thought like that. Sainthood seems more attainable, doesn't it?