March 28, 2014

7QT: I Noah guy with a brilliant idea regarding resurrection rolls

1 - There's a really funny story for how I found this song. Someone, somewhere commented about the singing nun from the Italian version of The Voice, referencing "The Singing Nun" who sang the song "Dominique." My mom would sometimes sing that song because she remembered it from her childhood and so when the commenter mentioned that The Singing Nun committed suicide my curiosity got the best of me. While searching for her Wikipedia page I first read the Wikipedia page for the song "Dominique" where I saw a note about Spike Jones recording a version of the song with "When the Saints." So the whole story about Sister was pretty sad and I said a couple of prayers for her soul.
But I'm really loving this new song.

2 - I am still really hoping to see the movie Noah. I know there's a lot of people up in arms about it  but I reeeeealllly appreciated Steven Greydanus' review and commentary on the film. If you're thinking about seeing the movie but wondering if it's worth your time and money do read his article.

3 - I think the Peeps company should make little marshmallow Jesuses for the sole purpose of Resurrection rolls. I guess that's actually a bad idea because all kinds of horrible things could happen but they would be GREAT for Easter morning.

4 - I have a new post up at Ignitum Today: Music you should be listening to: an interview with the lead singer of The Hope and Justin Band.

5 -  Does anyone else find this hilarious?

6 - I should be working on something else right now. Oops. Time to be responsible.

7 - Jennifer, thank you for hosting!


  1. Hahahahahaha. I snorted when I read your blog title too. :-)

  2. I loved reading your Ignitum Today interview! So inspiring to see parents of seven kids who are sharing their music!

  3. Awesome interview of an amazing band and an even more amazing family. Love me some Schneirs!

  4. I was doubtful of the movie until I read Steven's review awhile back. I want to see it now!!

  5. Just a note about the movie the Signing Nun. I had never seen it or heard of it and rented it from Amazon for the kids--looked good. Unfortunately there's a woman telling sister she's going to get a abortion and when the sister is helping Dominique's family a stash of very risque pictures of his older sister scatters on the ground that the sister has taken to make money for the family. Led to a very interesting discussion on pornography that I wasn't quite ready to have with the kids yet.