March 19, 2014

a part of the Lent Book Series

Father Gary Caster was my college chaplain. I consider myself spoiled because of it.

Father Caster is a magnificent homilist. He's funny, passionate, intelligent, and orthodox. He doesn't mind crying babies, he gets a kick out of restless kids, and he knows how to use the microphone to wake up anyone silly enough to not be paying attention.

If Father Caster wasn't your college chaplain you don't have to be jealous, you can read his books and it's almost as good as being with him in person. Almost.

When I sat down to read Joseph: The Man Who Raised Jesus I was delighted that the introduction read just like a dinner party conversation with Father, with him telling stories about his family and friends and faith. The introduction did a beautiful job of setting the tone for the book, establishing why St. Joseph is so important to Father; for me it created a lens with which to read and better appreciate the book. It set the tone for a book that is actually deeply personal and not just another theological look at Mary's husband.

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Today I'm guest posting at The Reading Catholic, reviewing Fr. Gary Caster's book Joseph: The Man Who Raised Jesus. To read the rest of the review click here.

Thank you, Nancy, for having me!


  1. I love St. Joseph. In the Holy Family, you have the Immaculata, God, and then regular ole Joseph. Now there's someone I can relate to!

  2. Bonnie, Thank you so much for guest posting! Especially on one of my favorite feasts.