April 18, 2014

The BEST of the web

Blythe and I recently "met" through our mutual friend Kendra. She's fabulous and this video is FANTASTIC.  It's a Soul Pancake video (like Kid President) and I am so impressed with all of it.

Really, people, this is what Catholicism, embraced and joyfully lived out, looks like! Become Catholic! It's the best! I want you here with me!

And THANK YOU Blythe for putting you and your family out there for Christ and His Church!

Jesus Had a Wife, and I've Met Her is an interesting article about something I didn't know was a thing but maybe it is. Anyways, worth the read.

The Third Secret to Destruction - Proofing Your Family by LMLD was wonderful and horrible all at the same time. Horrible in that it made me really look at myself and I hate doing that. But it is a powerfully and beautifully written article.

Backfired Again! by RyAnne at Good Grief! was really touching. Anyone who's lost a child will appreciate RyAnne's words.

As many of you know, Beth who blogs at A Mom's Life, gave birth to a very beautiful little girl earlier this week and then passed away five days later while in her mama's arms. Good Night, Sweet Baby is her good-bye to little Rebecca. Please continue to pray for Rebecca's family who are grieving her.

My friend Elise has invited us all to pray a novena to St. Gianna along with her beginning Easter Sunday. Please consider joining - St. Gianna is such a wonderful woman and a powerful intercessor.

Recently I learned about an upcoming book called Decent Exposure, written by Jessica Rey (former Mighty Morphine Power Ranger and current designer of totes adorbs, albeit pricey, swimsuits) and Leah Darrow. It sounds like a good one to request from the library - when we move June 2nd and finally live in a town with a library!!!!

I hope you already read Jen's The Saint of the NICU. It is so beautiful.

And if you haven't been to Jenny's place lately be sure to read about her relationship with JPII and how he saved her from herself. Also, that lucky duck is going to Rome for his canonization and she's taking prayer requests.

Finally, there's a chance you can win this print if you share this post on Facebook. But I kinda don't want you to because I want it. But you should anyways because if someone I know wins it I'll be really happy.

Oh yeah, in that video up above you see Hope and her kids. That's the same Hope that I interviewed at Ignitum Today. Her music is great, guys!

God bless you all this holy, beautiful weekend. Love to you all.

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  1. The Third Secret post was a doozy, wasn't it?

    Not that I want to put words in Auntie Leila's mouth, but I don't think she was advocating having as many children as physically possible but to not be anxious about conceiving. I thought maybe that point was lost a bit in the comments.

    I don't think I suffer from baby resistance (although I used to), but I definitely have a bit of pregnancy resistance. I'm a miserable pregnant person and have to work up courage every time.