July 1, 2014

My Theme Songs

Jen asked about our theme songs; Kelly suggested I share; and I'm a follower. So here's a few of the songs that take me to a distinct time and place in my life. Their lyrics might not sum up what's going on, but they feel right.

NICU - JJ Heller's Magnificat (I've written about this one before.)

Internship at 826 Valencia in San Francisco - The Beach Boys' Pet Sounds & Nickle Creek's This Side were listened to almost every single day as I walked to work and rode public transportation. This song especially just feels like SF to me:

College: Last Night by The Strokes always reminds me of getting ready to go out. Well, that and "Out Tonight" from Rent.

My childhood:

My current season of life:


  1. You forgot the exercise song! :)

  2. I've totally been waiting for this post from you ever since I saw Jen's question :) Love the first and the last songs!