July 1, 2014

My Theme Songs

Jen asked about our theme songs; Kelly suggested I share; and I'm a follower. So here's a few of the songs that take me to a distinct time and place in my life. Their lyrics might not sum up what's going on, but they feel right.

NICU - JJ Heller's Magnificat (I've written about this one before.)

Internship at 826 Valencia in San Francisco - The Beach Boys' Pet Sounds & Nickle Creek's This Side were listened to almost every single day as I walked to work and rode public transportation. This song especially just feels like SF to me:

College: Last Night by The Strokes always reminds me of getting ready to go out. Well, that and "Out Tonight" from Rent.

My childhood:

My current season of life:


  1. You forgot the exercise song! :)

  2. I've totally been waiting for this post from you ever since I saw Jen's question :) Love the first and the last songs!

  3. THE STROKES! Yes the Strokes were college for me too. I still quite their songs, I had a blog named lovethestrokes before blogging was cool. Haha that song brings back so many memories. One day Bonnie we're going to have to get some drinks at some cool hipster Chicago bar and go all nerdy on our similar tastes in music. You quite simply rock.

  4. *quote not quite their songs.