August 7, 2014

Beach Wheelchair for Fulton - A Fundraiser for the Mantoans

This is Kelly. You know Kelly.

Kelly loves the beach. All that sand and all that water brings her peace and is her favorite way to relax.
Kelly's whole family loves the beach, actually, and it's one of their favorite ways to spend time together.

Recently, Kelly was doing her thing, blogging about taking loved ones who use wheelchairs to the beach, and explaining some of the tricks and stumbling blocks to making that happen. She was simply offering us a glimpse at her life while also hopefully sharing some information that could improve someone else's life.

But some of us noticed something. We noticed that Kelly's son Fulton could really use one of the beach chairs she was talking about, though that chair came with a big price tag and no help from insurance.

So, by God*, we're doing a fundraiser and we're going to get the Mantoans a Mobi Chair!

The Mobi Chair is a high quality, floating beach wheelchair. It will allow Fulton to hang out at the beach with his family - moving easily over the sand and allowing him to play in the ocean - and allowing one of our favorite bloggers the chance to recreate.

The Mobi Chair costs $2,139. Because PayPal takes a percentage of each donation and because there may be other expenses I'm just not aware of I'm setting our fundraising goal at $2,750. I mean, what if he wants a cup holder?

You can check back for updates here. Let's do it!

I took the PayPal button down because in less than 24 hours you guys did it. We actually surpassed our goal. If my math is correct we raised

$2,841 and some change.

WOW! I'll say it again: THANK YOU!!!!

*literally. I'm not taking the Lord's Name in vain here. By God's good grace and by the generosity of His sons and daughters this will happen.


  1. Love it! (I think if you have the account as 'personal' it doesn't take off a percentage? Maybe?) Thank you, Bonnie!

  2. Yay!!! This was on my heart after reading her post too: I'm so glad you're heading this up!! Yay beach!!! :)

  3. Any updates so far? I'm hoping this happens soon for them.

  4. Oh thanks so much for doing this. My heart broke when I heard how it was out of their price range for now. Everybody should get to enjoy the ocean waves.

  5. YAHOO!!!!! I say get the cup holder and some blinkies for the wheels!!

  6. Wishing I'd been able to contribute earlier! Kelly makes my days wonderful.

  7. So happy! Thanks for being forward giving thinking :)