August 25, 2014

Instagammers you should follow: rachelbalducci

I'd like to be Rachel Balducci when I grow up. Funny, real, happily celebrating my 20th wedding anniversary, watching my kiddos grow into amazing young men and women... Her blog is one of my favorites, I guess because she shows me what the next part of my life can be like. Her Instagram account is also one of my favorites, each picture like a little sneak peak into her life. A behind-the-scenes, if you will. 

Anyways, Rachel s the next up in my Instagrammers You Should Follow series and I'm so honored that she's here.

How do you use IG?
For Instagram, I try to capture slice of life, beautiful moments, usually a sweet moment in the midst of the crazy or the crazy itself.  I love the crazy. Mostly, I want to capture (for myself as a reminder, for others as a witness) that this life God has given to me is FUN. I want to show that life with six kids is worth the effort, and that there is beauty in the chaos. I acknowledge the chaos, but I prefer to focus on the beautiful moments within it. 

You can find Rachel...
at her blog, Testosterhome
on Instagram, rachelbalducci

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  1. This series of Instagrammers to follow is brilliant! I love it, and also Rachel's blog's name.

  2. What a great idea for a fun series!

  3. I am trying to fill my Instagram with lots of great Catholic ladies, so thanks for this!