October 26, 2014


I am really excited for two upcoming speaking engagements I have in Minnesota. If you live in the area I would love to meet you!

On Friday, November 14th I'll be speaking at Holy Spirit Academy's Harvest Banquet at The Crown Room in Rogers, MN. I am really excited to be at their fundraiser. Holy Spirit Academy is a private high school in the Catholic intellectual tradition offering an integrated college preparatory curriculum. The school's Christ-centered approach to education fosters an environment grounded in the Truth, which prepares students for a life at the service of others. Holy Spirit Academy strives to help students realize their purpose, instilling in them confidence to enrich the current culture.

So basically, if HSA was in central Illinois it would be where I'd send my kids.
To learn more information or purchase tickets go here. And do it before October 27th to save $25!

The following morning, Saturday, November 15th I will be speaking at a Morning of Renewal at St. Michael Catholic Church in St. Michael, MN beginning at 8am. For more information you can contact St. Michael's.

If you're planning on coming please let me know and then be sure to say HI at the event. Also, if any of you are Holy Spirit Academy families give a shout out. HSA sounds like a dream come true of a high school and I'd love to learn more about your experience there.

And finally, what should I plan on wearing in Minnesota in mid November? Should I plan on snow? How does this work?


  1. I don't live in Minnesota anymore but at as native Twin Cities girl I can tell you November is fairly similar to the weather in the Quad Cities. Sometimes a little bit colder. It's possible there's snow, but also possible there isn't. As far as outfits go I'd plan on something you'd wear anyway and add a layer that can come and go as needed. :)

  2. We are trying to move to Minnesota. Bryon and I have loved the area since our first trip up 10 years ago. Just waiting for the right opportunity. :-)

  3. See you at the Saturday talk! I am looking forward to hearing your presentation. As far as the weather, I don't think it will be that much different than what you are used to that time of the year. If you were going to far northern MN, maybe, but I usually don't think the weather around the Chicago area is that much different than the Twin Cities. I know you don't live super close to Chicago, but I think you get my drift. :) Oh, and just watch the weather ahead of time, we love to talk about weather up here, so there will no shortage of coverage the week before you come if they are predicting snow. :) Can't wait to meet you in person. God Bless! Safe travels!

  4. Bonnie! I am so super late in commenting on this...but this is the church I belong to...and I live in Rogers...and my kids will go to this high school one day. I have been reading your blog for quite a long time now and I just had to comment because this is just way too small world. Anyways, I am hoping I can attend your talk at St. Michael's and meet you!