December 19, 2014

7QT - Christmas trees, BSB, and Christmas card stats

1 -(Usually I begin with a song, and this week it was going to be Valerie June's cover of Winter Wonderland but I couldn't get it to embed. If you want to hear it, click this link and fast forward to 21 minutes 17 seconds.)

Most people will not like this song but that's okay, I'm a firm believer that I have good taste in bad music. I heard it on the radio the other night and, what can I say? The stompy- clappy songs always make me happy. Shout out to my friend Meaghan who actually knew what I meant when I asked Facebook who sang a version of Winter Wonderland that was "mix of modern folk and twangy old country, sung by a woman" with "grit". 

2 - I ended up getting the Christmas cards below from Minted but still bought some at Target because I didn't order enough. The backs of the cards have a sticker I made that reads, "In 2014 Travis bought a car with working a/c; Bonnie presented to 1500+ people in 4 states; L began reading chapter books; Ben taught himself to ride his bike; JF finagled his way into spending lots of time with his grandmas; Resa was adorable; and JP learned to crawl, walk, & climb on the table. We hope your year was just as fun!"

I'm waiting on 4 addresses and have 2 cards left but I'll figure something out. Other stats about my Christmas cards (because I find this type of thing interesting and would have done all this counting even if I wasn't going to blog it):
Cards sent: 111
International: 2
In state: 78
Out of state: 31
Town I grew up in: 12
Town I live in now: 5
Friends from elementary or high school: 5
Newman Center friends: 20
Friends from college: 2
Nuns: 2
Relatives of Fulton Sheen: 1
My family: 25
Travis' family: 14
People who may not really even like me but they got a card anyway: 5

3 - While signing our names on the Christmas cards there were a couple of times I wanted to sign Peter's name but it felt like I shouldn't, that it would make people uncomfortable. So when my friend M, whose baby girl K passed away a few years ago, shared this article about family pictures and how they often don't show the whole story - well, gosh, it made me feel so normal. If you are missing a baby (or even if you're not) this is a beautiful article: Pictures Can Lie by Kathy from Kissing the Frog.

4 - One of the ways I keep Peter in our Christmas is by hanging this "Baby's First Christmas" ornament. I wish he was here.

5 - Speaking of Christmas trees... This past Saturday it was near 60 degrees in Central Illinois and the whole family went out to cut down a Christmas tree at a local farm.

It's huge, we don't have enough lights on it, the kids loaded it with tinsel garland, the star is crooked and scrapes the ceiling, and it feels a bit like a tree monster is invading the living room - but I LOVE it.

6 - The new Backstreet Boys documentary. I want to watch it. Anyone else? Besides Mia?

7 - These have taken way, way, way too long and I just need to be done. Supper needs to be made, kids put to bed, and a movie watched with my husband. It's the first day of Christmas break. :)

Thank you, Kelly, for hosting!


  1. What did Teresa do in 2014? :)
    Love the Christmas card stats and the tree pictures!
    I will have to check out that link about missing loved ones. We have personalized ornaments for each of our 4 babies in heaven. Although one broke, so I have to reorder that one, but I love seeing the others on the tree. Yes, it is hard. Our 1st baby would have been 5 this Christmas. {sigh} But I do have two here on Earth that I am very grateful are around this Christmas. Love the post!

    1. oops! Teresa was adorable. Fixed it - and thanks for catching it!

      You and me and our babies in heaven.

  2. Counting down the days until the BSB documentary. SO. FREAKIN. EXCITED.

  3. Whoa. You send out a lot of Christmas cards, that's a tradition I want to start. The family tree looks grand:)

  4. 111 Christmas cards is super impressive!!

  5. I want to watch the new BSB documentary too!

  6. The BSB documentary looks amazing. I still have my BSB concert t-shirt from 8th grade.

    1. You're not the only one! I think I have four concert t-shirts from the late 90s early 2000s. :)

  7. I send a couple Christmas cards to people that I am not sure like me anymore, but you know, it just wouldn't feel like Christmas if I didn't send them one!

  8. I'd love to sign cards with the names of all our children, but I think it would freak people out to include the names of four deceased children (whom many people wouldn't even consider as ever having lived). We ordered four silver snowflake ornaments with their names engraved. (I really hope they arrive before Christmas!)

    I'm very impressed by your Christmas card list! I had an abundance of cards since I've bought ones after Christmas almost every year and not used them, but I was limited by the 60 family photos I ordered. I didn't even use them all! My Christmas list used to be 100+ people long but people have moved so much (as have we) and we've lost touch with so many. I have gotten only a fraction of the number of cards that I usually have so far in the season. I hope everyone is just running late! I run to the mailbox every day because I love Christmas cards and they are truly the only thing I'm still looking forward to this holiday season...and there are only bills and ads! Boo!

  9. I just realized that my numbers don't add up. 78 were in state, not 66. Geesh.

    I'm going to change that now. : /

  10. Love your sweet Peter's Christmas ornament. That's a beautiful idea, Bonnie.