December 5, 2014

PS - a 7QT filled with postscripts

Linking up with Kelly, who now has a new planner for sale and the full time job of hosting these lovely 7QT! Hip-hip-hooray for Kelly!

1 -So many of you recommended Pentatonix's Christmas album in the comments of the Advent Care Package post that I went ahead and impulse bought it. I was pretty happy to see this song listed on the album since I'm a fan of the original. We listen to winter and Advent songs now but keep Christmas carols for Guadete Sunday, which is when we put up our tree and turn on all our Christmas lights, so I'm keeping this album tucked away and will pull it out for something special to listen to on our way to the tree farm.
PS - I have a playlist of Advent and winter songs on the right sidebar if you want to take a listen.

2 - In mid November our local grocery store had turkeys on sale for dirt cheap. I bought a 14lb bird for less than $10. It was the second turkey I've ever made and it came out really, really well. Even if I cooked the giblets in the bag in the turkey. (Shoot.)

Everyone loved it and I felt like Henry VIII eating my drumstick. 

"yummy yummy yum-stick"

PS - I slathered it with coconut oil instead of butter to make it safe for JF, who has dairy allergies. It was still great - just a little tip in case you need to make a dairy-free turkey for anyone.

3 - The good folks at Firmoo are hosting a blogger contest. They nominated 50 of their favorite blog posts that mentioned their glasses and I was one of them. Who knew stories about mom groups and glasses and posers would get me nominated? Anyways, if you would vote for me I would be really appreciative. I have the chance to win more glasses and $100 that we'd love to put towards my son's tuition. Vote here, pretty please and thank you!

PS - you can vote once a day so if you've already voted for me you can do it again! yippee!

4 - Elise sent me the sweetest gift:

I plan on taking it and a couple of Kendra's images to our local office store and have them printed. I want to hang this Fiat in my girls' room; it's so lovely and feminine and that's a word I want my girls to know.

PS - If you want one too you can get it in her Etsy shop, which is filled with many gorgeous prints.
PPS - I wish I had the talent of lettering. So lovely!

5 - Sometimes a great mind, another great mind, yet another great mind, and a mediocre one think alike, and about Santa Claus of all things!

PS - St. Nick's feast day is tomorrow so dash to the store and get your gold coins or other gifts to fill your kids' stockings or shoes tonight!

6 - Yesterday I was shopping to buy some more eye cream and I spotted a great deal that I thought I'd tell you about. The Oil of Olay Regenerist Starter Kit contains their cleanser, face and neck moisturizing cream, and eye serum. To buy all three of those individually would cost almost $50 but the whole kit is just $30. I've only been using it for 24 hours so I can't give you a full review but I will say that my face feels smooth and not greasy, and usually my skin becomes a grease ball when I wear moisturizer.

PS - Not a sponsored post just a good deal I wanted to pass on.

7 - Things might be slowing down around here in the next few weeks as I try to pace myself and enjoy the seasons.

PS - Hoping and praying that you have a beautiful, holy Advent.

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing my art, Bonnie. I'd love to see the print in your girls' room when you have it there! // On another note, just listened to your Advent playlist in the sidebar. Really enjoyed it - thank you!