December 1, 2014

Wishlists - what I'm excited to give and hoping to get

Today's post comes with a little disclaimer: I have not yet done my Christmas shopping even though I had the best of intentions to get it all done before Advent began, but I really am buying (or suggesting to the grandmas that they buy) the following items for Christmas. I am showcasing these items because I really do like them and, especially in the case of the small businesses, I want to help spread the word about the fabulous goods that are available. I have not received anything in exchange for blogging about these things.

That being said, I am an Amazon affiliate and when you shop at Amazon by clicking over from my site  I do earn credit for goods at Amazon.

So now, let's begin:

For my kids:
My kids always get chocolate coins and pajamas in their stockings from St. Nicholas on his feast day. On Christmas morning they will get, from us, a group gift of a gift certificate to see a movie. Taking the whole family to the movies - especially with popcorn and sodas - is way too pricey for us but obviously a fun treat. So maybe the gift card will go towards Cinderella or Inside Out, or maybe you have a good suggestion of a film we should wait for.

In addition, on my kids' wishlist is:

Printer Paper - Just plain old printer paper. My kids would much rather create their own cards, pictures, and notes rather than use a coloring book. We go through so much paper at our house since every day I have four kids making pictures. (It also then serves as kindling.)

Book Light - All four of the kids love to lay in bed and look at books for ten to twenty minutes after they're tucked in. I'm hoping this adds a bit more fun since I really want to encourage their love of reading.

Talking Diesel from Thomas the Train - We have a lot of Thomas the Train tracks and trains, but we don't have a Diesel, which is really important for my son as he plays out Misty Island Rescue.

Tumble Tree Timbers - I read all the reviews and it seems that Lincoln Logs are an overpriced rip off but people seem pretty happy with these. And they will still work with the Lincoln Logs that my kids play with at my mom's house. Winning.

Elsa dress up dress for L. The dress I got her last year is too small now (Resa wore it at Halloween) but L still loves to dress up as Elsa.

Christmas Carols Sticker Book from Usborne - L wants to learn all the carols, which I really love. We have some books with just the lyrics but I really like that this book also has the music. Maybe, just maybe, we'll be able to spruce up that piano in the basement and learn to play.

Uni the Unicorn - This is a sweet book with bold, colorful, pretty pictures that tells the story of a unicorn who believes that little girls are real. It's so cute.

Julia's House for Lost Creatures - I love Ben Hatke's work. (And his wife's Instagram account!)

For other loved ones:
Look Inside My Body - Oh man do my kids love this book. Especially the page that explains digestion. (poop!)

Midnight Celebration from Jamberry Nails - Classy, pretty, so nice. I'll be ordering from Jen since she so generously gave to the Advent Care Package Giveaway.

Jonathan James and the Whatif Monster - Such a sweet book that shows kids that every opportunity has a good chance of having a great outcome.

The Only Light EP by Matt Faley - This is such a great EP and I know someone who will love it.

GPS Watch - Travis wants one for his running. It can track his distance, pace, and even calories burned although I don't think he cares as much about the calorie bit.

For me:
Wrenn Jewelry - oh dang, I looooove this stuff. Also, head's up that today is the last day to order if you want your jewelry by Christmas.

Audrey Eclectic prints - I have loved Heather's work for a long time. I love all her work, but I especially want these to switch out for the different holidays and seasons: Thanksgiving, Easter, Halloween, Advent, Christmas / winter. 

Wibbly Wobbly Tardis mug - Because I'm a Whovian and darn proud of it.

What about you? What are you getting your kids and what's on your personal wishlist?

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  1. There's so much I want, but nothing I totally need (other than tights- mine are all stretched out), but I really want a gold monogrammed bangle. At least my daughter can wear all my stuff when I grow out of it (she has same initials). :)

  2. I recently came across Audrey Eclectic's work - it's so unique & beautiful!

  3. Oh, I'm seeing some lovely here Bonnie. Be sure to check you inbox next week ;)

  4. I really ought to get a book light for some of my kids too! Might be good for the stocking.

    Great list! Have you seen ModHMary's stuff on Etsy? Cute stuff there too.

  5. LOVE the Midnight Celebration Jamberry design. I have been eyeing it myself for months. Then again, I'm a consultant for the company so I am pretty much eyeing the entire catalog... haha. Glad to see you support the Jamberry family!