January 16, 2015

Seven Quick Takes

1 - JJ Heller and her husband wrote a new song for those of us who are trying to get our acts together.

2 - Speaking of which, thank you for the overwhelmingly supportive response you gave me to my post about my health. A lot of you suggested PCOS and thyroid issues as the culprit and you may be right. I left many, many viles of blood at my midwife's office earlier in the week with high hopes that the more extensive lab work will show something that my primary physician's lab work didn't.

3 - Are you praying for Paul Coakley? Oh man, am I ever. When I first heard his story from his very good friend Mary the first thing I thought was, "Fulton Sheen, you need to get on this." And then I saw that the Coakleys are specifically asking for Blessed Margaret of Castello's intercession and so I thought, "Fulton Sheen, you need to talk to Margaret up there! Let's get this job done!"

Then I got an email from a woman I know; she's the mother of my friend Maria. She was reading Mary's blog and saw my comment on the post about Paul. She emailed me and told me this:

4 - Also, Maria's mother and father have in their possession Fulton Sheen's traveling Mass kit. (I know, shut the front door, right?) 

This has all the prayers on it... in Latin.

When they travel they take it with them and offer priests to celebrate Mass using it. Last summer they were in the area visiting their daughter and brought it to my house. It was amazing. If my kids weren't running around like crazy and I wasn't incredibly afraid that they'd ruin something I probably would have cried. 

They had no idea how cool it was, but I was sneaking kisses.

And just to show you how much they didn't get it, the boys insisted on getting out their play mass kit and having them take pictures of it. 

5 - Thank you to everyone who submitted nominations for the Sheenazing Awards. Over 250 came in! The voting will begin next week. It'll be fun! 

6 - In case you haven't heard the sad news, Netflix is getting rid of The Walking Dead, My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, and Doctor Who. Guys, I love all three of those shows. Zombies, ponies, and time traveling aliens - three of my favorite things. 

They better bring Endevour back. 

Here's some other shows I love, if you're looking for suggestions. 

7 - Okay. I know a lot of people don't watch videos that are embedded in blogs. BUT! If you grew up in the 90's, or remember the 90's, or are just interested in pop culture trivia you really, really, really should watch this video. 

"Closing Time" - it's not about what you think it's about. 


  1. That Mass kit. So happy that it came into your life. Perfect!

  2. It is SUCH a small crazy Catholic world! I went to college with Paul, and we spent the same semester in Austria (where Phil and I met and began dating). My heart is breaking over his story, I pray for him all day long!

  3. I love our little insanely small and incredibly large Catholic world. And I LOVE the idea of Fulton Sheen and Blessed Margaret putting their heads together to work on interceding on behalf of Paul in accordance to God's will. Imma add Father Solanus and Don Bosco to that mix. Keep praying.

  4. I read that Netflix is working on a new contract with BBC, and hopefully Doctor Who won't be gone long, if at all. I'm only on the second season and am having trouble finding time to watch is, so I'm reeeeeeally hoping that it all works out! Also, my daughter is going to be devastated when MLP disappears.

  5. Closing Time is the best. And now I will download it off iTunes. :)
    My church is the "shrine church" for Bl. Margaret, so I'll light a candle for y'all there! :)

  6. Oh no! Not Dr. Who! I'm only in the third season :(

  7. Shut.the.front.door!!! I remember reading an interview with Dan Wilson when that song came out, and remember him saying they wrote it to become the quintessential bar-closing song - a gift to bartenders, so they wouldnt have to be the "bad guys." He said he wanted to give them a song to play that would be everyone's cue to leave. I LOVE THAT IT WAS A COVER STORY :-) Thank you for sharing this. Made my day!

  8. It's good that I finished watching season 4 of The Walking Dead today ...

    The Brindles (Ann's maiden name) are very close to my cousins, and I knew Paul's sister when I was a teen and she was a youth leader in Michigan ... it is a small crazy Catholic world. I am praying for them!

  9. We can rest easy tonight: British shows are renewed!

  10. Okay. Your number 3 and 4!!! So amazing!!!!!!!! God is good. Praying for Paul and his family too.