March 9, 2015

Stop swearing (and help a little girl get a wheelchair)

Ella is a ten year old girl who lost the ability to walk last year, but that doesn't mean that Ella has lost her love of sports and being active. In short: just because Ella now uses a wheelchair does not mean that she stopped being a normal little girl.

Except that her insurance company, for some reason, seems to want to make that happen. 

Ella's current wheelchair is second-hand. Her family has been trying to get her a new one - one that is fitted for her body so that it can be used optimally - and they have been trying for months. And they keep getting denied. 

Actually, they are willing to pay for her seat but not her wheels, which are adaptable so Ella can use the wheelchair for regular use or for play. Play, you know, that thing ten year olds do? Well, the insurance company says that makes  it a sports wheelchair and they won't pay for that. 


And what's the point of a wheel-less wheelchair anyways? 

Ella's mom is my friend and co-host Rebecca. Rebecca and her husband are trying to raise the funds to pay for the wheels and/or to help with the cost of the huge deductible, or whatever may happen next. And since Rebecca is trying her darndest not to swear this Lent she thought she would use the old "Swear Jar" as her fundraiser. Instead of putting a dollar in a jar on her counter every time she slips up she's now giving that to Ella's fund. 

You can give to the fundraiser, the the swear jar, if you will by following this link.

This shit is crazy and her family needs our help.

And see, now I need to but $5 in the swear jar. 

You can read more about Ella and her wheelchair at Rebecca's blog Shoved to Them

And if you're on Twitter you can tweet Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas @BCBSTX and be sure to use the hashtag #Ellaneedswheels

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