April 18, 2015

#WIDN (or really, what I did today)

There are three good, solid, well-written posts in my draft folder, but none of them are finished.

Instead today I made invitations for L and Resa's upcoming Minnie Mouse / Ballerina birthday party and helped Travis put together a trampoline the kids were given at Christmas. I watered the boxwood clippings I'm hoping will take root and survive (Cari told me in the combox it can happen!). I cleaned the kitchen 3 times. I gave the baby a bath and I read The Book Thief, but not enough of it to be ready for my book club's next meeting.

Tomorrow will bring Mass and thunderstorms and a couple of projects I need to finish on my computer and probably no time for blogging.

In the absence of a real post I give you a new playlist. Some of the songs are a bit older but some are fairly new to me and I've been enjoying them. I hope you like at least a couple of them.



  1. I love your playlists. I added a few of these songs to my playlists. Budapest is a current fave. :-) BTW, I am just loving your new look and the instagram photo of your art wall. Grr, I'm jealous. So awesome! :-)

    1. Okay, I just saw the Ingrid Michaelson video. Hilarious. ;-)

  2. I know I know me too about the drafts!!! Haha

  3. Please never stop uploading playlists. I am *happily* cleaning my kitchen to these songs right now.

  4. I get all my new music from you, truly.

  5. We'll have to chat The Book Thief when you're caught up. I'm nearly finished with it.