June 30, 2015

Hollie Hobbie and cute things the kids said

I suppose it's because we've been home together a lot more, but it seems that the kiddos have been saying lots of super cute things lately and I wanted to share.

Resa, uniting the world of diapers and trains: Last night, my diaper came uncoupled.

Me: Who was our first president?
L: Lincoln?
Me: No. That was a good guess, though.
Ben: Jesus?

Resa: I didn't knock it over, I just wobbled it a bit.

Resa: I want to watch the movie Mom's a Bear. You know that movie, where you're a bear? I want to watch that movie. Mom's a Bear.
Me: You mean Brave? You want to watch Brave?
Resa: Yeah! Mom's a Bear!

Resa, talking about a dvd with a scratch in it: This movie is itchy.

L, who has recently her bottom two teeth: Do you think the Tooth Fairy is nocturnal and is up during the day?

JF, who is kicking apraxia's butt a little more every day: Ready! Steady! GOOOOO!

My June mantel featured flowers from the yard and two embroideries my mom did years ago. 


  1. The uncoupled one is my favorite! :)

  2. I love the quotes. These are adorable. I try to get our best ones on FB to share with family before I forget them. Recently, I left the little ones (ages 1,3,6,7,10) home with big sis while I went to the doctor and when I got home, I asked what they did. They told me they had a dance party in the living room. I joked, "I leave you home alone and you think it's okay to have a wild party?" My 7yo son said, "Next time we will just have an intimate get-together." Thanks for sharing!

  3. I love Holly Hobbie and your mantle! Also love the uncoupled diaper ;)