July 27, 2015

Details for Tuesday Night's Broadcast of "Fulton Sheen & the Boy Who Lived"

Here's the details for Tuesday night's event, folks!

As previously stated, sometimes I travel around the country sharing the story of my son's life, death, raising from the dead, and current perfect health. I share about Fulton Sheen, his cause, and how canonizations happen. I answer questions about it all and I basically get to have a lot of fun meeting wonderful people and sharing our incredible story.

I can come to your parish, group event, or conference, too (I even have other talks I can give!) but if you'd like you can put your comfy jammies on, pop some popcorn, pour some wine, get online and watch my talk for free, from the comfort of your own home.  Tomorrow night I'll be broadcasting, via Google Hangouts, the 30 minute version of my talk on James' alleged miracle through the intercession of Fulton Sheen. You should come!

I'll be starting at 8:30pm Central time and once the talk is done I'll answer some questions... so if you've got a question now about the James' birth, NICU stay, our devotion to Fulton Sheen, Sheen's cause, or any part of our son being dead for an our and then inexplicably coming back to life - well you can leave a comment here, on Facebook, or at the broadcast event.

Finally, for the broadcast I will be "passing around a tip jar." My speaking engagement stipends are super helpful to my family - they've purchased Christmas presents, paid school tuition, and have even helped us with the grocery budget  at times. Everyone is welcome to enjoy the presentation and Q&A for free, but if you would like to give and are able, we would definitely appreciate a donation.

Thanks very much, everyone! I hope you'll join my husband and I tomorrow night! (Here's the link for the show one last time, just in case!)

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