July 31, 2015

You down with TVP? Yeah, you know me!

Hello, friends!

 Rebecca, Heather, and I are very excited to record another round of TVP episodes *next week,* but we need to let you in on a secret:

like many good things in life, producing The Visitation Project comes with a pricetag.

It's not too steep, but it's more than we can afford from our tight family budgets. If you like what you've been hearing and not only would like to hear more, but would like to help us expand our outreach with a website, iTunes podcasts, newsletters, and more, please consider supporting us financially!

Any amount helps, but we've got some awesome incentives for those who can give more, beginning at $25. (That would be the "Bathtub Madonna" level of giving. I'd like to see a few Whovians donate some "Jammie Dodgers.")

You can get to our GoFundMe page by clicking here.

We love you, and are so grateful for your assistance to keep meeting you wherever you are.

St. Charity, St. Hope, and Coptic 21 - Pray for Us!


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