October 4, 2016

October + Costumes + Help Me!

October is here! I hope it's been treating you well. I love this month and all the fun it brings.

This weekend we'll go to a pumpkin patch and - hopefully - carve some jack-o-lanterns. This month will include a trip to Wildlife Scary Park - which has become an annual tradition. My mom and mother-in-law come along with me and the kids and everyone has fun. Then we'll have Halloween! We are huge Halloween fans here. I totally get why some chose not to celebrate it, and if you want you can read my thoughts on it here.

 But if you don't mind, let's talk costumes for a second, can we?

L will be a Native American this Halloween. She will then don the outfit again for the annual 3rd grade Thanksgiving pageant and feast at her school. I'm also excited to have a St. Kateri Tekakwitha costume. Her costume is coming from Annery's Handmade Etsy Shop.  If you are also on the look-out for an American Indian costume Annie said they will be in her shop on Friday but there's also a pre-sale / auction at the Zelie & Co. Instagram account today! So you can go over and get one at a discounted cost. So end's that head's up. :)

Ben will be Batman. He picked out (affiliate link) this costume from Amazon. JF and Resa will both be Darth Vadar, wearing the costumes JF and Jofis got for their birthdays. (affiliate links) JP didn't want to be Darth Vadar but Resa is all about it, and honestly that delights my heart a bit. I bought all the costumes plenty big so the kids can wear warm clothes and coats underneath. October 31st is usually pretttty cold in these parts.

Baby Tee will wear the same lion costume all of his siblings have worn before him, so that's easy. But I'm having trouble with Jofis.

Jofis wants to be a ghost and I'm wondering what's the best way to make a ghost costume for a three year old. Anyone have any ideas? I haven't loved anything I found on Amazon but maybe you know of an Etsy shop? Travis and I have talked about just cutting some holes in a white pillow case and buying him a white hoodie, but I don't know. What do you think.

Also, I need help with Ben's St. Benedict costume for the All Saints Day pageant at school. All I've got is that he wore a black habit. Any ideas?

Speaking of costumes, quick question: do you let your kids wear dress up clothes out in public? Resa, Tee and I went to Target the other day and Resa was wearing her Princess Anna dress. That's totally appropriate in my book and I'm wondering if anyone else is alright with being quirky like that.


  1. I love saint costumes! My only thoughts about the St. Benedict one would involve some sort of prop or something-like putting a stuffed raven on Ben's arm to carry around (since a raven took away Benedict's poisoned bread when the one dude tried to kill him). Or, since St. Benedict did plenty of spiritual warfare and the St. Benedict Medal is an exorcism, could you go with a "crushing the devil" theme, a la St. Michael standing on the devil?

  2. Maybe just make a white cape instead? Then it doesn't cover his eyes/face and he can paint his face, but is a little more than a sheet/hoodie. Plus, then you have an extra cape lying around if someone wants to play with it. :)

  3. Rule book, because of the Rule of Benedict?

  4. Seeing kids in dress up clothes always makes me smile. I'm not against it unless we're going to a place where it would be inappropriate, but so far my kids don't care much for dress up. I'm okay with that too. ;)

  5. St costumes are super simple in our house. A yard or so of the appropriate colored material for the habit. Cut a slit/hole for neck and and additional oval piece to go on top. Belt or rope to hold it in place. Cheap and cheesy (we have really low expectations)! You could have him wear a benidictian medal as well.
    I don't really care if my kids wear costumes in public...my husband doesn't like it but will tolerate it. When my oldest was about 4 she wore a pair of wooden shoes to the grocery store and clunked all over the place. I was super annoyed at it until I noticed the joy that it brought to the people around me (mostly little old ladies). Honestly Max wears a cape and sword about 90% of the time.