March 28, 2018

Allergy Friendly Passion Lunch for Good Friday

Lacy at Catholic Icing created an incredibly clever interactive lunch for her kids to retell the story of Good Friday. I think it is brilliant but wanted to make a few adaptations so it would work better for my family. This one is safe for my kids' food allergies (eggs, nuts, dairy, sesame seed), has a hand out to help me remember what I'm doing without scrolling on my phone, and ends with Hot Cross Buns so I can include that traditional treat while adding the step of Jesus Being Laid in the Tomb.  

A couple of notes about the food:

- In the picture for the Crown of Thorns you can see that I used the Aldi GF cookies with their GF pretzels stuck in them because when I originally did this we were also a gluten free family. Now that we can have wheat again I'm using Lacy's original idea of Ritz crackers.

- For the silver coins I originally melted down the Enjoy Life chocolate chips and made round drops on parchment paper, let them cool, and then wrapped them in aluminum foil. This year I bought an Enjoy Life chocolate bar, will break it into pieces, wrap them up, and call it good enough.

- My kids don't love Sunbutter so the sandwich is butter and jelly cut out in the shape of an Easter egg. Egg salad sandwiches would work, too, but if you can have eggs I'd probably just stick with Lacy's hard boiled one to make it easier.

- Because we are dairy free I used strawberries to represent Peter's ear being cut off.

- For the Hot Cross Buns I use this recipe, shape them into rounds, and then ice them once they are baked. It is not a traditional Hot Cross Bun but it is dairy and egg free, my kids like them, and it works for us.

I hope this is helpful and I wish you a very holy, beautiful, Triduum. If you are joining the Church this weekend please know that I am praying for you!