May 23, 2018

A Simple Confession

Last week I called my parish office to schedule an appointment for confession.

With Father standing at her side the secretary asked, "What would work for you?"

"Well, nap time is soon but I could come now, be there in 15 minutes."

And fifteen minutes later I parked my van in one of the shaded spots in front of the church, left the kids in the van, and ran to the parish office door. A minute later I returned with our priest.

It was a beautiful day and since the kids were in the van we sat on the bench swing. "Just don't lean back, Bonnie. There's bird poop!" Father said with a laugh.

And there on a swing, in the sunshine, with the two year old occasionally setting off a dying panic button on the car keys, I made my confession. Father nodded and asked a question and gave me some direction. He gave me my penance and encouraged me to pray an act of contrition from my heart. He prayed over me, blessed me, and assured me that my sins were forgiven.

Thanks be to God.

He walked to the van to say "Hello" and "Good-bye" to the kids and then we were off - on our way home for naps and quiet time. I felt lighter, freer, closer to God.

I share this little story with you because I want to tell you that frequent confession is such a gift to me. As I have aged life has not gotten easier, but as my relationship with the Blessed Trinity has matured and strengthened it has gotten easier to get through the hard parts of life. Reconciliation has played a vital role with this. It makes me a better mom, daughter, wife, and friend. It bolsters my prayer and Scripture study. It draws me closer to the Eucharist. It helps me to love, serve, and forgive more generously and graciously. It lightens my heart and clears my mind.

I don't know what I would do without the Sacrament of Reconciliation and I'm grateful I don't have to find out. It is a gift.

Thanks be to God.


  1. True true! One of my kids experienced Gods merciful sacrament today for the first time today 😭😭 beautiful stuff!

  2. Wow, that's so great that your priest is so available and flexible!!! Not just a gift a treasure!! I wish I had that kind of parish!!