August 17, 2018

Letter Writing and Prayer

What a horrible, hard week it has been.

I read through much of the grand jury's report on the sex abuse scandal in the Pennsylvania, which really just showed us all how deep and dark and disgusting things have been. Over 300 priests abused over one thousand children and that is gross and heart breaking and horrible.

I have taken to prayer and letter writing and more prayer. I alternate between incredible sorrow and fury. And in the middle I have to keep living life and send the kids back to school and read library books and make dinner. It's such an odd place, this both / and life.

In the coming days and weeks I have things planned for my life online and off and I ask you to walk with me in the tension between living life with joy and love and working through the immense pain, disgust, and horror caused by the scandal in our Church.

In the meantime, I want to share a few articles that I have found helpful to me in this time, along with the Grand Jury's Report itself. Maybe you have seen these already but maybe not and maybe they will be helpful to you, too.

The Grand Jury's Report on the sex abuse in dioceses in Pennsylvania

What's a Faithful Catholic to Do by Jenny Uebbing

A Letter to My Bishop and A Letter to My Parish Priest by Molly Walter

New Allegations Surface Surrounding Archbishop McCarrick and Newark Priests by Ed Condon at the National Catholic Register

Truth Is Needed to Free the Church from Sacrilege of Clergy Scandal by Fr. Roger Landry at the National Catholic Register

What Can WE Do About the Abuse Crisis? by Haley Stewart

Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on us.

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