November 28, 2018

Things Kids Say

Ben: I can't wait until tomorrow.
Me: What's tomorrow?
Ben: School.

Me: Is MJ awake or asleep?
Jofis: She's wide asleep!

Resa telling me the story of The Boy Who Cried Wolf
Me: So what's the lesson we can learn from that story?
Resa: Don't say the name of dangerous animals over and over again or one might show up.

Me: Thomas, can you say your name? Say "Thomas."
Thomas: Train. Choo-choo!

Unnamed Child: Why do we always have to go to Mass?
Me: Because Daddy and I love God very much and He loves us. We go to Mass to be with Him in the Eucharist, so we can pray and be close to Him.
Ben: Jesus talks to me in prayer.
Me: Really? What does He say?
Ben: I don't know. I couldn't hear Him....
Me: What do you mean?
Ben: Last week I was praying at Mass and I saw Jesus come up to me. He shook my hand and we chit-chatted a bit.
Me: What did you chat about?
Ben: I don't know. I couldn't hear. There was thunder.
Me: Like it was raining outside and there was thunder?
Ben: No, there was thunder in my prayer.

L: Miriam calls me Mommy!
Resa: Miriam calls me Mommy!
Me: Miriam, what's my name?
MJ: -

MJ, licking ketchup off a plate: Mmm, mmm, mmmm!

Resa: Can you hurry up and have that newborn baby?!!!


  1. Love this! Resa's boy who cried wolf is fantastic!

  2. Ben's prayer and Jesus and the thunder intrigue me...

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