April 26, 2007

Myths about Weddings

Myth #1 - My wedding has been planned in my head for years.

A priest I know often says that girls spend their whole lives planning their weddings. Travis listened to this and wholeheartedly believed it. And while it may be true for many women, that they know exactly what they want, all I knew was that my bridesmaids dresses would be blue and that I would walk down the aisle to Grace's Waltz. Therefore, holding firm to the belief that I knew exactly what I wanted, Travis thought that my asking for his opinion was a gesture. It wasn't though, and his, "Whatever you want" answers were well meant.
We may spend our lives excited about when we walk down the aisle. But that doesn't mean that we know exactly which font to use for the program, which readings and prayers to use in the Mass, what the hymn should be when the gifts are brought up and what song should be played for the Anniversary Dance.

Myth #2 - Everyone can share thier unsolicated opinions and advice!

Brides don't really want other people's opinions unless they honestly ask for it. And usually they will only ask for it from their priest, fiance, mother or best friend. And even then it will be prefaced by, "Okay, seriously, tell me the truth because I don't really know." Otherwise everything else is perfect and beautiful, and that's what you, the person asking about and therfore hearing about the details, should say. As a bride I didn't care what so-and-so did with her flowers or music or cash bar or dollar dance. This was what I was going to do. And I especially didn't want to hear about some great idea after I just explained what I was doing. My wedding was about me, Travis and our families. We did what worked for us and was important to us.

Myth #3 - You can joke about the wedding dress fitting.

Only a very small group of people were stupid enough to do this, but still... While enjoying some cake at her own shower, never go up to the bride and say, "Oh, you don't want to eat too much of that stuff - there's a dress to fit into! Ha, Ha." It's just not funny.

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  1. I definitely didn't have my wedding planned out since childhood... and I regret a lot of the choices I made in the frenzy to get everything done. Black bridesmaid dresses? Ugh. How dull and funeral-esque. Definitely would pick something brighter if I had it to do over.

    One choice I don't regret, though, is the dude who was standing at the alter with me. So I guess having my attendants look more like mourners than partiers is a small sacrifice. I'll get over it.

    No one ever told me not to eat too much. Can you guess why?
    And then my dress was too small. Damn.