April 30, 2007

Thank you; thank you very much...

350 people were invited to the wedding.
250 came.

It was a lot of fun. We had fun, you had fun, Travis didn't die when his brakes went out on the way to the church - everyone had fun.

And now, I am very happy to say that we are done with the 200 or so Thank You's!

Every thank you is written (except for the card Travis found just last night as he cleaned off the night stand).

Every card has been thoughtfully written (Thank you for the vase; it's holding my bridal bouquet and looks perfect on the mantle).

Every envelope has been addressed (except for a few people who's addresses we don't have. Which begs the question, how did they get an invitation?)

Every envelope has a return address (I truly thank God that Avery labels and Windows make it so easy).

A good handful have stamps and are sealed and ready to go (those belong to our friends who are away at school and we do not have home addresses for).

The rest are unsealed and waiting for someone to go to the post office and buy more stamps. But see, the beauty of it is, sealing and stamping is mindless work and will get done some night while we watch CSI. And really, we have a year to get those Thank You's out, according to the etiquette books.
Sometimes I've really felt like we've been slacking - I usually can't put things off too long and I love the feeling of having something accomplished way too much to not just finish it in one she-bang. (Example - I got all the wedding invitations done in 1 night - by myself.) But we have just been way too busy working, cleaning, cooking, eating and sitting around enjoying each other's company (I believe it's called "nesting") to care about promptness when we have that whole year.
But we do want to say Thank You, and for everyone to know that we think of Steve and Jenny every time we make toast, and Uncle Jim and Aunt Renee when we put the kettle on. And Mattew when we watch Braveheart or Shrek, and Nick and Mia when we use the gravy boat, and Bill and Domo with the stock pot. And really, we think of all of you. The hand-written Thank You's are on their way, but we really are grateful every day.
(That wasn't supposed to rhyme.)

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