April 24, 2007

The First One

Having decided to enter the wide world of blogging I wanted to start with a small explanation of the title.
I am learning to be a newlywed. Or not really; I just am one. So maybe a better name would have been Learning to Be a Good Newlywed, but the naming is over now and we have what we have.
It's funny to have spent your whole life pretending to be, daydreaming about, thinking of, praying to be married and then suddenly you just are. Sure there is much hooplah surrounding the entire event and leading up to it (engagement announcements, showers, bachlorette parties and whatnot) but it still feels slightly abrupt. This phenomena for me was probably enhanced by the fact that my courtship was short (one and a half months) and my engagement shorter than most (seven months).
And perhaps it is even more so because, while my husband and I had been good friends for almost two years before anything romantic was awakened, for most of those two years we were completely platonic. Then suddenly in April there was this unveiling and a reaction of, "This is who my vocation is?!" Surprise was in abundance, but so was joy. For I never even imagined that the love of our friendship was growing into the love of marriage.
It was awkward at first, moving from friend to lover, and there of course were difficult things to work through. But in the end marriage is so great a good that it's all worth it.

At this point I would like to say that my number one motivation for doing this is my friend, Heather. I know you read blogs, Hedda, so you might as well read mine.


  1. Thanks for calling me out Bonnie. Reading blogs is my SECRET obsession! Oh well. I can't wait to read more into the life of Bonnie. Love ya!

  2. Heather, you are not alone. I think this is a national obsession, judging by the number of blogs out there. I am a fellow addict, though the birth of a second child really cuts into my blog-reading time. Geez, Theo, way to be a time-consuming baby.

    Welcome, Bonnie. I knew you couldn't hold out for long!

  3. Wow, it's so awesome that basically as soon as you realized you were supposed to be married, you got married! And have created a beautiful family to boot!

  4. I love this!

    I want to know more about the friend to romantic journey -- bleh. I hate the word journey -- but you know what I mean!