May 20, 2007

Good-bye old friend

Things are getting kind of exciting: there's two bids on the Chevelle right now and 19 people watching.

But, it's also pretty sad. Travis has had the Chevelle for years. His dad bought it for him, they fixed it up together and that sucker has been his pride and joy ever since.

I love the car, too. I associate it with all kinds of good memories. Our first dates were driving it out to Lake Argyle to go fishing. He'd load it full of Newman friends and we'd all go for a drive around the lake on a perfect, clear, cool night. Or we'd head up to the DQ on a hot night. Even before we began dating - when we were just friends - and I was smooshed in the back because I hadn't yet earned the privilege of the front seat all the time - even then it was so much fun. Rach, Kim, Margaret and I singing "I'll Tell Me Ma" very loudly and very badly as we all laughed.

And it's absolutely GREAT to see the way people react as we drive by.
People have asked us about it at stoplights.
Children have run across their yards to wave, give us a thumbs up or shout, "Nice car!"
And the men just stare. High school boys, 30 year olds, 50 year olds... Guys on bikes, in mini vans or trucks, drinking beer on their front porch, mowing their yard, plowing their field, getting their mail. They stop. They look; they then whip their heads around the other way to continue watching. They wave. They do the guy nod. Sometimes they smile. Sometimes they mouth, "Niiiice."
I have never seen a woman checked out the way this car is, not even in the movies. It's hilarious.
And the grin on Travis' face is adorable. The only thing cuter is when he whistles along to a song.

And that's probably the saddest part about selling the Chevelle. Travis loves this car and it really is a sacrifice for him. It's quite humbling being his wife and knowing that he's doing it for me and our children. I try to tell him often how grateful I am for what he's doing but it feels inadequate. Thank the Lord He gave me such a generous man.

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  1. Oh, poor Travis.

    I think it's really sweet that you are so grateful for his sacrifice, Bonnie. I hope you can keep that kind of outlook forever. Seriously, it is so kind and loving. I might've been like that when we were first married. But, now, if we were in a similar situation, I'd be like, "Damn right, you're selling that car!"