May 22, 2007

If I Could ______, I Would ______ Like _______

That title might not make sense. But I have thoughts like that all day long.
If I could sing, I would sing like Lauren Hill. No, if I could rap, I would rap like Lauren Hill. Heck, she can do them both and I'd be able to, too.
But then the next day I'll hear Over The Rhine and think I'd like to sing like Karen.

But right now, I keep thinking, "Man, if I could write - even think - like C.S. Lewis, how great..."
In the midst of reading Mere Christianity I have also been picking up A Grief Observed and I am just blown away again and again by what he writes. He's really clever and really good at politely insulting people or sweetly putting something down.
"If people cannot understand grown-up books they certainly shouldn't talk about them."

Of course, his approach to faith and the beautiful way he understands and explains it are noteworthy as well. And more important, I'm sure. But the digs, man, the digs are so good...

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