May 1, 2007

Learning what my husband thinks

On Sunday Travis and I were driving home from his folks'. We discussed having babies, buying a house, paying off our college loans and the morel mushrooms we were going to eat when we got home.
There was a pause in the conversation, right after the part about babies. I was caught up in imagining myself pregnant:
Morning sickness and gaining weight; Would we do a home birth? Will it be a girl or boy?
Then of course there's the breastfeeding, the cloth diapers I want to sew myself and all the nasty poop. Will the house ever be as clean again? Will I miss work and being around grown-ups?

And so I turned from the window and asked Travis, "What are you thinking about?"

"Aerodynamics of cars."

1 comment:

  1. this could happen in our car too, except the answer would be, "oh, this one rap lyric." or a beat. it could be a rap beat.