May 31, 2007

O-bla-di, O-bla-da

This past weekend brought a slew of stuff to do. It really wasn't much of a weekend, really. But here's a bit of a recap:

Friday night Trav and I saw At World's End, the latest Pirate movie. We both really liked it, but not as much as all the girls who cat-called and cheered when Johnny Depp first appeared onscreen. (Okay, I think he's pretty dreamy, too.) I love this movie because I do consider myself a bit more of an expert on pirates than your average Illinoisan, having worked at a pirate supply store myself. I've read about them, studied their flags and fought scurvy. When the fist Pirate movie came out I was working at 826, selling peg legs and award winning glass eyes. We were given special tickets to attend a sneak preview two weeks before the rest of America got to see it.

Having been approved to do all the renovating himself, Travis now has to make a bid - give the bank a detailed list of everything we'll need to buy to make the house livable and lovely. We have therefore been spending much time at Lowes, picking out cabinets and tubs. We made up the plans for the house at Barnes and Noble over the weekend. Or, Travis did them while I drank iced chai and read magazines.

Sunday we went to the graduation party of the neighbor girl I babysat for 3 years. I was with here all year round while she was in 3rd - 6th grade. The cute, generous, shy, slightly tom-boyish girl has grown into a woman. A perfectly pretty, tanned, highlighted, fake nailed, cute clothes, bleached teeth, Plastic (except I don't' think she's mean - I think she's still a sweetheart). Seriously, if I didn't know and love her, and she me, I would be totally intimidated by her and all her friends.

The stupid humidity has made my hair frizz and my acne burst out. I look stunning.

On Memorial Day Trav and I went to Galva. He helped put up new gutters and I took his sister, M, shopping. When we were leaving the mall this little boy, being pushed in a stroller by his parents looked at us and called out, "Hey girlfriends!" His parents were slightly mortified but we all laughed. It was really funny.

Back at his parents', I was sitting in the kitchen with M, my mother-in-law, D, and my brother in law's girlfriend, A. M told them that I was going to use cloth diapers when I have kids. A, who has a baby, thought I was nuts - well, they all thought I was nuts. D had to explain how one even uses cloth diapers to M and A. I had to explain that things are a lot different now with cloth diapers. Plus, we'll spend $200 once and we may never have to buy more diapers ever again! And, we won't be filling up landfills with poopy diapers. For poor people who want a lot of kids and are really trying to live more simply - cloth diapers seem perfect.

Tuesday night my cousin LL came over. I love LL - she's fun and incredibly kind. I asked her if she would help me go through my closet. Because she's so sweet, instead of saying things like, "get rid of it!" she would say, "Ya know, I don't think I've seen that color/style for awhile."

And finally, the Chevelle sold. A week from Saturday a man from Ohio is coming to pick it up. So sad. But now we have a down payment!

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