June 25, 2007

Bang that drum

Thursday night found me in the toy aisle of a local store trying to figure out what to buy a 1 year old birthday boy who has a) an older brother and b) generous grandparents.

Luckily there was a mom with her 1 year old in the same aisle and so I asked her. She pointed out a variety of toys that were out of my price range. Then she told me her boy loved his toy drum.

I told her that I'm very good friends with his mother and would like to keep it that way.

"No, it's okay. He'll hit it three times, love it and crawl away. It'll be great. And as long as it's not electronic you're fine."

So I hesitantly bought it. Later I saw that it's for ages 2+, which made me even more upset. And as I wrapped it in newspaper I felt like an unsuccessful loser. (At least I noticed last minute that I was using the obituaries. I got rid of those and used the weather report instead.)

But in the end: triumph.

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