June 12, 2007

Cookies and Roses

Today in the office we discussed how nice it is (would be) to get flowers from the men in our lives.
Perhaps I shouldn't complain. Travis is a great, great man and a super good husband. Everyday I thank God for him and I wonder if all the women in the world know that they should be jealous of me. (I'm serious, I really do think that.)

But he doesn't give me flowers. I know he just doesn't think about it, and he does think about other things - like emptying the dishwasher, which might matter more.
But he also doesn't really see a point, so even if he did think of it he still might not buy me any.

One of our student workers quoted her boyfriend, "Why do you want flowers, they just Die."
Travis would totally agree with that.

My response, however, was that I make Travis chocolate chip cookie dough because he likes it. And in the end he just poops it out, so why is it any different?


  1. I'm the same about cards. What's the point if you're just gonna throw 'em away? Except if you made them that is, then it's worth it and more personal.

    I just saw a commerical for a father's day card that sings MC Hammer at you, and it made the father's day. That really depressed me.

  2. amen, sister. can a lady get some flowers up in here, that's what i wanna know.

    here is the dilemma for us wives, though... if you ask for such gestures, then they aren't really gestures, are they? they're just another perceived obligation. sigh... i guess you just marry a flower-giver or you don't. i don't think they can be created.

    good, albeit gross, point about the cookies and poop.

  3. Cards: When one of my coworkers got married a friend gave them an envelope with $20. When they asked him about the card he said, "What do you want, $20 or $19 and a card?"
    Handmade cards are the best, but well-choosen store bought cards are good too.

    Flowers: Travis insisted that I make this clarification -

    He will plant me a flower garden more beautiful than anything he could ever buy me.

    And he means it.
    Miss Good Mother Lizard, Maybe flower-givers cannot be created. But whatever. I don't understand how a husband can know that a small gesture (buying flowers) for his wife will brighten her day and yet he will refuse to do it. I'm not asking for an expensive bouquet - $3 at IGA will get him well on my good side.

  4. haha, you crack me up!

  5. So I am very late at reading and commenting on this post, but you linked it from another. I read it aloud to Adam's mom and we both had a hearty laugh about the pooping of the cookies. So true! You always are able to just put things into perspective. I just love you!