June 21, 2007


Last night Travis and I watched a movie that I love: Heartlands. It's a British film about a man who gets on his motor bike and travels to across England to bring his wife back to him. During his travels he discovers life and he awakens. A lot of the movie is told through facial expressions, the landscapes and colors and the music (much of which was done by Kate Rusby). There are some really tender moments and a lot of good-hearted characters. It is driven by character development. I love it.

Travis was bored throughout most of it. "You have to remember, I was brought up on movies with Arnold, Sylvester and Jean Claude Van Dam." I recently watched Rambo: First Blood. There's not a lot of character development. Just a lot of violence that could have been avoided if they all would have just sat down and talked.

I guess I won't have Travis watch Sense and Sensibility with me.

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