June 21, 2007

Home Improvements

It seems that everyone was just waiting for Travis's school year to finish so they could recruit him for handyman jobs. Thus far he's worked for his cousin, my co-worker, Fr. H, my dad and he cleaned up our backyard.

Right now we're living at the Newman Center house at EC's campus. We rent out the upstairs and share the downstairs with the students. It actually has worked out very well.
The backyard of Newman used to have a rotting deck which was ripped out last summer. Some debris was left, though, and it looked horrible. Add to that the weedy, overgrown flower beds and it was an eye-sore. Last week Trav, his bro and I worked at making it pretty. While we're not done, 20 hours of labor made a HUGE improvement.
*I would like to add that I spent most of my time using a hatchet and an axe. :)

Our poor neighbors had to look at this every day.

This is the cistern we found while cleaning. They bashed it in upon itself. We also found a few colonies of ants, who in their fury of having their homes destroyed have invaded our kitchen. They die by glass cleaner, dish soap or my thumb.

Tilling Travis

The finished product, seeded and sown.


  1. well done! looks much better. i bet your neighbors are happy.

    also, that was really nice of you guys to do, since you're moving out soon.

  2. The neighbors are happy, so much so they lent us tools, a wheelbarrow and their truck to haul away the debris.

    And while it is nice of us, thank you, we are also getting paid.