July 19, 2007


Last night I dreamt of a large spider, bigger than my hand, that I found in my old bedroom at my parents' house. It had bright green legs and when my younger brother and husband were messing around with it, they noticed its legs had octopus-like suction cups. It was not scary but slightly gross.
That dream ended promptly.

I then dreamt that Dave Eggers called me, asking me to take over 826CHI. He remembered working with me in SF and how well Ninive and I got along and thought I would be perfect for the job. While I was honored that he thought so much of me I had to turn the job down. I don't want to live in Chicago. Or work. I just want to sleep in! And run errands. And visit my grandparents. And bake, read, play Scrabble, wear jeans every day, watch the Today Show, go to daily Mass (while still being able to sleep in), hang out in Barnes and Noble and eat peanut butter toast while looking out my window at the rain. Oh, doesn't it sound loverly?


  1. wait, was that list of things you would rather do than work part of your dream, or is that just some extra commentary on the dream? cuz i don't think i've ever had such a long string of rational thought in a dream. mine are always totally abstract. my subconcious is a dadaist.

  2. That was just extra commentary on the dream, or really my life. I was at work, it was rainy, I had changed my outfits 3 times that morning.

  3. Now I am singing "oh wouldn't it be loverly" over and over again in my little noggin. Does noggin have two g's or one? Hmmmm. Anyways...I have the outfit dilemma often. I have to pick mine out the night before and force myself to wear what I picked out; otherwise I can put on 5 different outfits without blinking an eye.