July 27, 2007

The Birthday

The birthday was great.
Travis bought me the two latest Jars of Clay CD's and they are SO GOOD. He also got me some beautiful roses, baked me a carrot cake and helped me get lunch ready for me coworkers, who came to my house in lieu of me bringing birthday treats.
Guacamole and chips, homemade pizza, caramel brownies - it was a good meal.
We went and saw Evan Almighty in the afternoon and had a nice, fancy dinner at Arby's. Low key, low stress and jeans and a t-shirt - I was so happy.

Travis also got me two tickets for the Chiefs game last night. The mighty Kerry Wood pitched a short inning, which was neat to see. We were surrounded by fun people, including one of my coworkers, and three of Travis' students - all my happenstance.

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