July 4, 2007

The Dump

Things keep on moving forward and so we should be homeowners soon (despite the fact that every time we get something accomplished for the bank they tell us of 2 more things we have to do). I thought I'd give you a few pictures of the house we're buying.

This will be our front door for the first year or so that we live here. The first floor is gutted and the second floor has been converted into an apartment.

The front door of the apartment opens up into our bathroom. Classy, I know.

Our kitchen in the apartment - no counter space and horrible pink teddy bear wallpaper.

Standing in the living room, which will become another bedroom when we're done with it all.

The gutted first floor. I'm standing in what will be the living room; the washer and dryer will turn into the master bath.


  1. teddy bears in the kitchen.... interesting choice, on someone's part.

    this will be an adventure for you two! quite.

  2. It looks like it could be really cute once you do some work on it.

  3. Yeah, the kitchen used to be a bedroom. The man who owns it now was turning the upstairs into an apartment to rent out when he decided he didn't want it any more. When Travis and I were first shown the house there was a large hunting knife next to a bottle of whiskey sitting on the kitchen table with the teddy bears smiling down on them both. It was great!
    And hopefully it will be so amazing when we're done with it, we won't believe the transformation.