July 18, 2007

The Spoon Shadowbox

Last night I went to LB's home and picked up the Spoon Shadowbox she crafted for Trav and I. Let me tell you something, it's gorgeous!
Here's a picture, lifted from her blog, but it doesn't do it justice.
While I visited with her on the couch I had to focus on what she was saying or else I'd be distracted by it. I finally had to turn it face down so that I wouldn't be tempted to pick it up, again, and stare at it while I should have been engaged in a conversation.
When I brought it home Travis reacted in much the same way: oohing over it, holding it close and remarking at the fine details. He turned to me after inspecting it and said, eyes wide, "This is really good." We agreed that with the shadowbox and the framed embroidery piece we now have two of the best things LB has made.
This is way better than any scrapbook - especially any scrapbook I would make. And the best part about it is putting together all the memories -
The Red Lion (located by the pic of Doune Castle) was in the town of Doune. It was where we had dinner one night and as we walked into the pub everyone literally stopped talking and looked at us. I turned to Travis and said, "We're clearly not from around here." Everyone laughed and went back to their beers.
The Marian statue came from the bulletin of the parish where we celebrated Easter Vigil. After the Mass everyone was invited to the church hall for treats. One grandmotherly type kept elbowing people saying, "Go talk to them - they're from America!"
Very, very well done, LB. Marvelous.


  1. aw, shucks.
    thanks for posting this, and for sharing travis' reaction. i don't think i would've asked what he thought, but i was wondering. i couldn't be more pleased that you two are so pleased.

  2. LB,
    you're very welcome. I wanted to point out to you, too, that even though you didn't know what went with what - you actually put them together. The Melrose Abbey tickets are with the picture of Melrose Abbey. And the Red Lion and the Castle are both in the town of Doune. Everything else is not connected beyond being in Scotland. So bully for you!
    Love it!