July 30, 2007

This is what happens

...when you're poor:
you make your wedding gifts and give everyone the same thing. Paige, Steph and Yvonne - you're getting a Yum Yum - Eat 'Em Up Cookbook, too!

I gathered the recipes, typed them all up and then put forth my best effort at being crafty as I assembled them. I've prepared all of the included recipes so I know they're easy and good.
I should say that this was not my idea in any way. My good friend, Lori, did the same for me for my wedding present and LB has been giving cookbooks out as Christmas presents for 4 years now.

This is what happens when you're poor, modest and slightly chubby:

You buy one dress once a year that is on sale and not too low cut. You then wear it to every wedding you go to:

Oh how I cringe when I look at my lunch lady arms!


  1. those cookbooks look adorable. i love the title, too. well done! now i'm feeling a little competitive.... :-)

  2. I was just trying to make you proud.

  3. so the yum yum cookbook is on our coffee table and we are going to buy ingredients for the cashew salad tomorrow. HOORAY! by the way... i STILL love that dress. you look so good in it!
    Love, Domo

  4. There is absolutely nothing wrong with having one beautiful dress to wear to every wedding! Why on earth would you buy a different one every time? I applaud you. ;)

  5. I love the idea of giving cookbooks as wedding gifts. I will "borrow" that idea. :)