July 30, 2007

Wedding Season

So far Travis and I have gone to 4 weddings. One was just a reception, two were Catholic and one lasted 28 minutes. They were fun and beautiful and the best part about them was that I wasn't the one planning them.
Ya gotta love a wedding -

The eating in the car on the way:

The ambiance:
The dancing:

This is my grandma and grandpa. Grandpa planned his knee surgeries around his grandkids' wedding so he could dance at all three of them - mine in December, Megan's in June and Doug's in October.

If you look hard enough with this one you can see the crutch KJ had to use while shakin' his thang.


  1. You look smokin in that dress. Really. The color is fabulous.

    I love that your Grandpa made a point of scheduling his surgery so he could dance. Talk about a man who has his priorities straight.

    I can't remember Karl's girlfriend's name... it's on the tip of my tongue...Eileen? Maureen? Oh, that sounds right! Anyway, she looks like she can bust a move. Look at the hand and that hip action. Fantastic.

    Hope you had fun at all your weddings.

  2. oh, it took me a while to figure out who KJ was. what happened to your little bro?

  3. Sand volleyball. He tore a something in his knee and had to have surgery. He's much better now, though it still gets stiff. I think he can extend it the whole way now, though.

  4. I am very much enjoying the look on Karl's face in that picture, LOL!