August 28, 2007


Please allow me to tell you a story that illustrates 3 things: how great my small town is, how wonderful my coworkers are and that I'm a moron.

Yesterday on my way to work my car died, right in front of a BP station. I tried to start it but nothing happened. So I turned on my flashers and called my boss, who is a genuinely great guy. With K on the way I called Travis to let him know what happened. He told me I was probably out of gas, which I doubted because my light hadn't come on.

In the meantime, a semi had pulled around me, stopped and put on his flashers. My first thought, "Oh my gosh - somethings happened to him, too!" I then realized he was coming to help me. He pushed me to the side and then got on his way as K had arrived.

And so had L and J, two of my other coworkers, who had recognized my car and stopped to help, along with a man who had just dropped his kids off at school. I told them Travis thought I was just out of gas and fortunately enough, N, another coworker, was filling up his truck at the BP at that moment. K hollered to him, N went in and got a gas can, put a little in my tank and my car was running in no time.

By that time I had realized that I have no fuel light.

My tip of the day: If you have to run out of gas, do so in front of a gas station, in a town of friendly people, while people you know will be commuting to work.


  1. A fabulously funny story for a rainy day. :)

  2. I'm so thankful my car wasn't the only one who wanted to break down this week :)

  3. no fuel light?! that won't do.

    you are a lucky lady to have people coming out of the woodwork to help you. very sweet.