August 30, 2007

Making it Livable

The upstairs of our house is finally livable and for the most part, looks rather cute. Some things have yet to be unpacked, other areas are in need of some tidying up, and the blue I picked out for the kitchen isn't dark enough. But we've made great improvements. See for yourself:

This closet is in the living room. The former owner stored his guns in it. Owning no rifles, I didn't know what to do with it, and my bookshelf became a pantry, so this is how it ended up. Rather nice, I think.

Gone are all the teddy bears and pink paint.

The carpet we put down in the bathroom and living room actually came from my grandparents' house. It's 3 years old, was vacuumed every other day but was replaced by them because of the small amount of bleach water Grandma dropped. Do you see those little white marks. Barely? Yeah, I know. But I'm not complaining!


  1. everything looks fantastic. the kitchen --- wow! who would have thought that taking down the teddy bears would be such a huge transformation?

    well, okay, i probably could have guessed. they were horrendous.
    looks great, though. really. tell travis way to go.

    and you take it easy.

  2. What a difference Bonnie! It must be great to see everything come together so nicely. I can't wait to visit.