September 28, 2007

My Job at EC

Travel season has returned for my job.
Blue skies, harvesting farmers, leaves that are turning, river valleys, beautiful weather -
and I don't have to be stuck in my office. Instead I'm on the road, driving to high schools all over the northern part of Illinois.
I love this part of my job.

There is something about a 2 hour drive and a gorgeous day that makes for perfect prayer time.

It's also good to have lunch on the college and drop in on family and friends who live in the suburbs while I'm out and about.

This job may have very little to do with the English Lit degree I have but I absolutely love it. EC is a great college and I love the people I work with. It is a delight being able to share my love for my alma mater and success stories of its grads with high schoolers and their parents. I know a lot of people who went to big public universities, and even larger private schools who love the experience they had and greatly value the education they received. But I know that they have no idea what they missed but not coming to EC. From our Homecoming week traditions to the kindness of its faculty and staff there is just something different about this little college. For pete's sake, there aren't a lot of campuses you can walk onto and ask 10 students, faculty or staff members the history of the college and 9 of them would be able to tell you. But at EC we all know our history and, I think, we all feel pride that we have become a part of it.
I guess that's enough about EC... maybe it's the hormones making me so sentimental!


  1. Yes I'm coming to Midland. On Monday the 29th. At 8:45 and then I'm to be at Henry at 10:30.

  2. wonderful! I have prep first hour so we can visit a bit. =)

  3. How far north do you go? Anything up in the suburbs? There is usually a college fair at our community college nearby, Triton. Any luck you might be around our area??