September 13, 2007

When life gives you lemons - make Lemon Drops

I am approaching the end of being 2 months pregnant. I haven't really gained any weight; my body is not so transformed like it will be at the end of 7, 8 and 9 months.
Regardless - things are different and not quite as comfortable. I am tired much of the time but I cannot sleep through the night. There are different discomforts and pains all over my body that will attack at any time of the day or night, most of them are not suitable for public discussion.
The 24/7 nausea is gone but in its stead is genuine morning sickness which also strikes randomly and with little warning.
Which brings me to this point: Last night I got sick 3 times, once before bed and twice in the middle of the night. And Travis never said anything except, "It's worth it," right before he rolled over and went back to sleep. I was hoping for a little sympathy and a lot of gratitude.
My one consolation: Lemon Drops. Sucking on them makes most everything better. Many thanks to Anner for suggesting them to me!


  1. I should add that the same night that I wrote this post I got sick again and Travis said to me with much sincerity, "I'm sorry this is so hard for you, babe."
    Good man... good man.

  2. thanks for the update... i was starting to worry for you. you do have seven more months of this, after all. so a little sympathy/empathy will go a long way. even if it is worth it. :-)

    seriously, sorry it's been hard for you. but lemon drops sound tasty!

    bon, i have a few more boxes of stuff for you: slings, bibs, cloth diapers. you should come over sometime, when you're up to it. and bring me a lemondrop, please.

  3. Ohhhh, I remember not being able to sleep. Grrr. It is not fair.