October 1, 2007

I must remember

Travis is my husband, not one of my girl friends.
I cannot expect him to have converstations with me like I would have with a girl friend.

I have to tell myself this at least once, almost every day. It's all part of that learning to be a newlywed thing.


  1. uh, I hear ya.... Bill requested that I call that time of the month, "peer-peer." For example:

    "Aw man! I am supposed to get peer-peer this weekend!"

    I once tried to lighten it up, calling it "fairydust" but he got weirded out by that. Frankly... so did I.


  2. Yep, yep, yep.

    Nick usually gives me an 'are-you-serious' look but is fortunately very understanding.

  3. LOL! My husband has to tell ME this all the time.