October 22, 2007


Life has been so, so busy... Travel season is really in full swing for my job so I'm working in the suburbs, driving all over northern Illinois and when I'm in the office I'm more focused on catching up with all my work here and getting ready for the next day's travel that there's little time to blog (I mean, what's a lunch hour anyways?) Maybe one day we'll get the Internet at home and then I can blog there, instead of at my parents' house or on breaks at work.

I do have stories about my older brother's wedding in Colorado.

There's updates on the house.

I have a new picture of me and my belly (which is getting big - oh my!).

I'm still sick most of the time.

I'm still tired most of the time.

I feel like there's never enough stamps.

I'm appalled about Maine giving out birth control pills to middle schoolers.

I saw and loved 3:10 to Yuma and wish they'd make more Westerns.

I am a big fan of the new show Life on Wednesday nights.

I'm super glad Halloween is almost here.

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